Thursday, December 11, 2014


When I recently read about Roy Choi's new restaurant in Koreatown I was so excited to try it! Choi is the chef credited with founding the food truck movement that is so popular in L.A. through his flagship gourmet Korean taco truck, Kogi.

His latest restaurant, Commissary, is housed at the Line Hotel in Koreatown. The restaurant is on the second floor and is made to look like a green house. It is so beautiful in there, my photo doesn't even do it justice. And I'd imagine a rainy day might be the perfect time to come here! 

Here is the menu:

Just images - no descriptors. Though the wait staff will gladly go into detail about what is in a particular dish. (My lunch mate is a vegan, so we stuck to the vegetable side. The other side of the menu is mostly animal protein.) Choi wanted to make customers feel as though they are visiting someone in their garden. 

I was so busy enjoying the food that I forgot to take photos!! But we ordered the carrots (roasted with added balsamic over a green chimichurri sauce), quinoa (served with dried fruit), pumpkin (served as a stew atop rice and other veggies) and brussels sprouts (chopped finely and served in vinegar with fried okra.) It was all so good!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

kids t-shirt

Well, I finally put some of that jersey to good use and made t-shirts for Doodle!

And one in this blue and white striped pattern. 

Mr. P. gave his brother a hug yesterday while he was wearing the green shirt and said, "Your shirt is so soft! MOM, can you make me one?" Music to my ears. Yes, yes I can!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

thanksgiving 2014

So, for the first time in about twelve years, my husband and I relinquished Thanksgiving dinner hosting duties and just showed up as guests this year and I have to say, it was magical! I awoke Thanksgiving morning, danced off to hip hop class and spent the rest of the day playing with the boys and not stressing about food!

Our oldest family friends have a place in Malibu right on the beach. You couldn't have made up a more beautiful backdrop for dinner. 

The kids loved playing on the beach and the sunset was incredible:

We brought wine and this gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added chocolate pie with coconut cream. Here is the recipe I used,  from Oh She Glows, but I added a whole banana. I had never made this before but it turned out really good!!

That's my sister on the left! She and I did some blurry cuddling post dinner. 

I could very well get used to being a guest for Thanksgiving!! However, we did manage to cook a Thanksgiving dinner Friday night for a "second Thanksgiving" with my parents and sister. 

In addition to our little turkey, we made brussel sprouts and bacon, sweet potato rounds (from Smitten Kitchen), fingerling potatoes, my mom brought a salad with cranberries and I made this roasted carrot dish from Circa Happy. Everyone was very nice and forgave the fact that somehow, the carrots never made it to the oven. They added a nice and surprising crunch, I suppose. I'd like to try this dish again and actually bake them the next time around.