Monday, August 25, 2014

it's a girl!!!!

Let me introduce you to our newest member of the family, Dingo!!! She's an Australian Shepherd mix with perhaps some Collie (hence the stubby legs) and maybe some other, smaller dog. 

The boys first fell in love with Dingo at summer camp, where they host rescue dogs from the Milo Foundation in Northern California. 

We decided to adopt her, and although she was ours on paper, she stayed up at camp for seven more weeks to play with the other kids. I think it was a great decision as she is so social and friendly. She loves playing with people, with toys, with balls, with books (uh oh, I have a lot of those).

We are crate training her and the potty training is coming along in baby steps. 

This pet shark (inspired by shark week) is her favorite:

We wondered (and worried) about how Reba - our 11 year old terrier mix - would get along with her. At first Reba was non-plussed.

But last night, I caught them cuddled on the same dog bed - albeit, Reba constructed a barrier of stuffed animals in between the two of them. 


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