Saturday, July 19, 2014

want to go to a sewing party?

There's a sewing party brewing set to take place on November 8th. Want to go?

Basically, it's an online sewing conference filled with classes, seminars and general crafty camaraderie. 

Read more about specific classes being taught here.

Or enter to win a free ticket here at Delia Creates!


  1. I was looking at that myself. Are you sewing for KCW this week? I'm excited because my little guy is going to be in camp this week, so it gives me a fighting chance!


  2. I wish I had time for KCW this time around! The kids are in camp for only three hours a day, so there's not time for anything else besides writing these days. I want to see what you've been making!!!

  3. I just posted a t-shirt I made on the KCW website. I'm Craftsister there, so check it out! (-:

  4. I couldn't find it?!? Can you post a link to it? I want to see it!

  5. I had such big plans, but alas, I only managed to finish this one shirt! I got some other stuff cut out though, so maybe, eventually... Here's the link, let's see if it works.

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