Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Go Kings Go!

I happen to live in a hockey family. My parents are both from Montreal and spent their childhoods watching hockey. I somehow managed to marry a Greek boy from California whose passion for the last  thirty years has been….you guessed it….hockey. And now my two boys have been bitten by the bug and suddenly know things like stats and players names. So not in my vocabulary.

So when the Kings go to the Stanley Cup finals, it's a big deal around here. 

We took the kids to game one:

Mr. P. loved every second of it. Doodle was ready to leave after his second hot dog.

We took my dad to game two:

These two waited in line out front to see if they could shoot a hockey puck into a little hole. 

Happy father and daughter:

Happy wife with husband who was watching a very nerve wracking game. He couldn't handle it. And in fact, couldn't speak the next morning from all the yelling he did. 

But he enjoyed his victory pose at the end. 

The crowds were crazy!

Game three just happened in New York. (Kings won!) And we're eagerly awaiting watching Wednesday night's game, also in New York. 

Mr. P. was very excited to finish off his roller hockey season last weekend. He had a bunch of his amazingly supportive friends come and cheer him on! And he was awarded this trophy from his coach, which ended up sticking out of my itty bitty purse all day yesterday, apparently I was trying to redefine the meaning of the word, trophy mom. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Doodle loves to find "treasures" at school. In the past, these have included errant sequins, shiny rocks and cat poop. Yup, you read that right. And he gets equally enthused by each treasure. 

Well, the other morning he awoke in a state of panic, "Mom! Where are the pants I was wearing yesterday?? I left my treasure in the pocket!"

I fished his pants out of the laundry room and he rooted around the pocket searching for something. 

"Yes!!!!" he said proudly, pulling out a metallic object. "My treasure!"

He handed me the following:

He's not reading yet, so the humor went way over his head. According to my husband, this is apparently the name of a designer jeans company that another child must have been donning at school. 

The whole thing kind of made my day. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The end of the school year is crazy busy! I apologize for the lack of posts lately! There are so many parties and classroom events and teacher luncheons and beach picnics and pool parties….I can't keep it all straight!!!

Mr. P. and I made these pretzels for an after school snack yesterday. They were extra delicious dipped in spaghetti sauce. 

We used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I left out the baking soda / lye wash and they still turned out great. I also blew it and completely forgot to let the dough rise for an hour after kneading it and guess what? They tasted delicious!

Bread is so forgiving.