Friday, May 9, 2014

fractured foot

Well, I knew it had been too long since someone injured something around these parts!

Last week Doodle fractured his little foot falling off a rock at school. 

We had x-rays done right away, but the radiologist didn't see anything glaring, so Doodle spent the weekend running and jumping on his (broken) foot, unbeknownst to us that it was broken. 

When he was still limping and in pain on Monday, we took him to a wonderful pediatric ortho who took one look at the same x-rays and in two seconds flat announced, "there's the fracture, right there."

Go see specialists. Lesson learned. 

So now he's in a sexy Nylon wrap and a boot for the next three weeks. The good news is the boot looks just like his blue sneakers, so strangers aren't constantly asking him what happened to his foot (his biggest nightmare is people he doesn't know trying to talk to him, shy guy.)

The other good news is he can still swim! So that's how he's been getting his energy out after school each day. 

He found a crystal I had purchased on our trip to Santa Fe and said he was going to rest with it on his foot to help his foot heal. Hope it works!!

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