Thursday, April 24, 2014

what I ate #18

So many good eats to share!! It's spring! The box of produce is becomming more colorful and flavorful, leading to exciting new recipes!!

These vegan samosas (baked, not fried!) were labor intensive but tasted amazing! especially with a bit of mango chutney! 

A take on vegan beet ravioli stuffed with cashews (I omitted the heart-shaped mandolined beets because who has time for that?) served with a side of swiss chard veggie roll up. 

swiss chard soup!

mandolined potato, chard and beans:

salmon burger with a side of cabbage slaw and parsnip fries:

My friend Lily whipped this up for lunch one day: soba noodles, tofu, salmon, scallions and mint…delicious!!

and then I made my own version for friends a few days later:

My first time making macaroons! I used this recipe from smitten kitchen but I omitted the cocoa powder and instead made a few chocolate covered macaroons by dipping them in chocolate and then placing them in the fridge to harden. 

These veggie dumplings were delicious, filled with tofu, quinoa, peas and cabbage from It's All Good: 

And there you have it!! The good thing about writing food posts is there's always good eats happening here!!

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