Thursday, April 17, 2014

what does the fox say pajamas

To round out Kids' Clothes Week, I made these button down pajamas for Doodle. 

The pattern comes from Oliver and S

It was the first time I ever made a buttonhole and once I figured out how to use the buttonhole attachment (that took two hours, lots of YouTube videos and my husband looking up the online manual to my sewing machine) it was easy! As in you place the button in the attachment and it magically figures out how large the buttonhole needs to be!


There were a lot of components to these pajamas; I'd say they were intermediate level for sure. Also, let me talk about the pants for a second. There are double cuffs at the bottom that I think would be worth the effort had I made a two toned pair of pajamas, but since i didn't you don't get the full value of the double cuff. Also, the pants are seamless (another first for me) and let me just say, they were a lot more complicated than the Made pants that I can whip up in ten minutes. I think if I made these pajamas again I would follow the directions for the top and then use Made's pattern to make the bottoms. 

I made these in a size 6 (a year older than Doodle) so they'd last a nice, long time. 

He seems to like them!

And clearly they help him go to sleep!

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