Monday, April 28, 2014

the anna dress

So for the first time ever, I wore a dress I made to a dinner party!!

It is the Anna Dress from Hand Made London.

There are three different versions of the dress, I chose the shorter version. 

This is definitely an intermediate sewing pattern. I would call it advanced, but a real seamstress would call this intermediate. 

I love the textured black fabric I purchased for the dress. It gave it a lot of body and was very forgiving of my sewing. 

In general, I think this dress turned out pretty well, except for the back. Boy did I struggle with that invisible zipper. So the back kind of pooches out in a funny way, which lead me to exit the room backwards, so no one would notice the mistake. (And I'm sure no one thought I was weird for walking backwards the whole night.)

I would definitely make this dress again after some practice with invisible zippers. I would also only ever make this dress in a thicker, more textured fabric. 

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