Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids' Clothes Week - April 7 - 14, 2014

Well, I promised myself I'd do it and here I go….it's Kid's clothes week!! 

The goal of Kid's Clothes Week?? Sew clothing for children for one hour a day for one week. Okay, some people, perhaps do this anyways, but not I said the fly. I take forever to finish a sewing project. 

So, what will my project be, you ask? I have decided to try my hand at making Doodle a pair of button down pajamas using Oliver + S's sleepover pajama pattern in a size six so he has a long while to wear them. 

I chose this fabric called Fox and The Houndstooth by Andie Hanna

I purchased the fabric in December when the boys were obsessed with that What Does the Fox Say song. 

So head on over to kid's clothes week, sign up and start sewing!!!I'll check in at the end of the week and share the results!!

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