Monday, April 14, 2014

gourmet matzo

** Please note I've updated this recipe. Scroll down for the update**

Well, I can't say that I've ever tried to make matzo before, but I have to say, it was beyond the easiest thing in the world to do. So easy, in fact, that it felt like I was getting away with something, so I decided to challenge myself by making the matzo a bit more gourmet. 

gourmet matzo cools after baking

So I offer you matzo, four ways:

To make the dough: (yields 8 flats)

Heat oven to 400 degrees.

It's a two to one ratio of flour to water. In my case, I used two cups of flour and one cup of water. 

A note on flour: I used plain ole white flour, but you could try a variety of types here. Mix whole wheat with white, how about rye or even spelt?? The possibilities are endless. 

Mix flour with water and then knead dough by hand for about five minutes. 

Break the dough in half again and again until you have eight sections that you will roll into balls. 

**this is where you'd insert your gourmet ingredients, should you go that route - see below. 

Each ball will get rolled with a rolling pin on a flour-covered surface until it is as flat as possible. I noticed the edges were the most likely to remain a little bulky, so I had to really work that pin to flatten them out. 

Using a fork, piece many, many holes up and down the flour (to ensure that it won't rise or bubble).

Place on baking sheet (I could fit two flats per sheet.)

Bake for about 4-5 minutes (until the matzo is crisp)

Let cool.

***now for the gourmet options****

Up first is olive oil and oregano. Once your dough is rolled flat, simply drizzle olive oil and then rub it all over the dough, then shake dried oregano. 

Next is olive matzo. For this one, pulse olives in food processor until they are chopped. Mix the olives in with the dough BEFORE flattening. Your dough will become a bit wet, so have some extra flour on hand and keep adding flour until all wetness is gone. 

Third we have sun dried tomato and basil (from our garden!). As with the olives, pulse tomatoes and basil in food processor, then mix with dough before rolling out. 

Finally, curry matzo. Simply shake curry powder over rolled out matzo. I envision eating this one with some peach chutney I have in the pantry. 

Store matzo in airtight plastic bags. I think plain, salted matzo would make the perfect after school snack for the boys!!

After transferring the matzo to my mom's house last night, it turns out the olive and sun dried tomato and basil matzo was a bit soft and uncracker-like. My mom brilliantly recommended popping them in the microwave and zapping them in 30 second increments and it solved everything! They crisped right back up - and actually became crisper than ever!!

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