Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Doodle turned 5!

It happened over a month ago already, but it's taken me that long to catch up! He's a whole hand now!

Usually, we have an intimate party for the kids here. Doodle especially, is not one to like large crowds and lots of noise and chaos. However, after having attended a few parties at My Gym, he couldn't get it out of his mind and insisted upon having his party there. I tried to remind him that he's not fond of chaos and crowds, but he was adamant, so I listened. 

Brother loved the party:

But Doodle spent most of the party finding various places to hide among the gym equipment. 

He managed to come out for a few games. 

And for the cake. 

And when everyone had left the building, it was time for him to brave the zip line. 

He couldn't have been any happier. Or tired. 

I decided on simple succulent party favors:


I placed the succulents and pots in a bag with some soil. 

There were even follow up parties at friends' houses who couldn't make it. 

This is my child who is already lamenting his lost childhood. He wants to stay a kid forever (isn't that supposed to be my sentiment?) Well, who can blame him? Life is pretty darn awesome when you're five. 

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