Monday, March 17, 2014

the piggies took a bath!

The piggies took their first bath a few weeks ago. Who knew that all natural dog shampoo is a big no-no for piggy bath time? Instead, I was advised to use a no tears kitten shampoo. 

I filled a tub I purchased at the 99 cent store with warm water and placed a washcloth at the bottom so there wouldn't be any sliding. Gunther leaped straight out of the sink and onto the kitchen counter, but then she calmed down and enjoyed her rub down. 

Cleo LOVED the bath. He was so happy. 

I had read that pigs get hypothermia pretty easily, so it's important to dry them off well. I had read online to use a hairdryer on a low setting. Cleo was fine with it, but Gunther (surprise surprise) did some more leaping, so I stuck to towel drying her. 

Now I have two fresh piggies that smell like kittens. 


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