Thursday, February 6, 2014

the bugs got me!

It's been a rough one over here….last week, I was slammed with the worst stomach flu I've ever had in my life. I packed up and moved into my bathroom, sleeping on the cold tiles with a wet washcloth as my pillow. It was beyond pathetic. I quarantined myself from the rest of my family for two long days.

I emerged, eight pounds lighter and ready to face the world, when I got taken down by the regular flu! Can anyone say immune system FAIL!! So, I'm on day 8 in bed. Feeling much better, but worried about pushing myself. I'm downing tea and water and probiotics and green juice.

I've decided to include this little pictograph (click here to see it larger) from the Huffington Post explaining all those nasty bugs out there and how long they live (in the right climate, the stomach virus can survive on surfaces for weeks and weeks!!) Bottom line. Wash your hands. All the time. Then wash them again. And don't even think about touching your eyes, nose or mouth without a thick pair of rubber gloves. 


  1. Oh no! You got the regular flu too? Tomorrow will be day 14 for me and although much better than last week, I have the worst cough and no energy. This year it really knocked me down. Hope you feel better soon and that no one else catches it. Miraculously my family avoided it. We have to build up our immune systems after this!

  2. It was a doozy of a week! Happy to be coming up for air finally!!! Hope you are feeling better! So far, my kids' immune systems have proven to be far stronger than my own!


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