Thursday, February 20, 2014

sochi and hat party

Last weekend we attended a "Sochi and Hat Dinner Party" hosted by close friends. We brought the kids and had a blast! We tried to stick with a Russian theme.

Champagne, caviar and homemade buckwheat blinis: 

Our hosts made an amazing Russian Meatball soup (not photographed)

And can anyone guess the theme of this cake?

Does this photo help?

It's the now famous Sochi bathroom wall that was kicked in by bobsledder, Johnny Quinn!! Bathroom walls never tasted so good!

There were also plenty of hats:

And a signature coctail: From Moscow with Love (it involved vodka and muddled grapes. Dangerously delicious)

We went for the gold and kept our kids up super late. 

Some nights are just worth it. 


  1. oh. em. gee.

    the cake!!!

    *giggling and snorting*

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