Sunday, January 12, 2014

cooking the books

In an effort to transform our home from a cluttered mess to an organized oasis, Mr. P. and I tackled our shelves of cookbooks last night. 

Let me just say, in defense of why on Earth we have so many cookbooks, we are both hardcore foodies and hardcore cooks. We cook almost every night. But now with the ease of Pinterest for a lot of my recipes, I really don't need or use this many cookbooks. 

We went through them all last night and let go of the ones we either have never, or seldom cook from. I took a few upstairs to Xerox the one or two relevant recipes and then returned the books to the giveaway pile. 

The kids excitedly counted up the rejects - 39!

We reorganized our current collection and look! Two free shelves available!

The kids decided their large Lego creations should live there for easy access. 

Little by little, this home will be transformed!!

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