Thursday, December 19, 2013

Minecraft Birthday - Mr. P. turns 8!

I can't believe Mr. P. is 8! He was so excited to be turning a year older.

 Instead of having a larger party, he opted for a small, Minecraft slumber party here at home. 

There were balloons:

Some were decorated like creepers: (I just cut out black construction paper squares and taped them)

And the creeper wall made out of paper plates:

It kind of felt like an art gallery installation! And easy plate access!

The first activity was inspired by Frugal Family who has great minecraft printouts. You can print them on labels and then cut them into squares. Then kids can craft their own minecraft collages:

There were square-shaped snacks:

They had a taco bar for dinner:

I had fun making the cake!

Thanks to these fondant strips (Sugar Sheets) I found at Michael's

I don't like to put photos of other people's kids on my blog without permission, so just imagine Mr. P. surrounded by 5 close friends:

And after dinner they hunkered down on the couch to watch Frozen. If you haven't seen it yet, it's pretty winter magical!

Then, after a few bedtime stories and lots of silliness,  it was time to sleep! Sort of….

Around 10:30, Mr. P. was fed up with the lack of sleep, so he came upstairs saying, "why would I want to sleep on the floor when I have a comfy bed upstairs?" Point taken. So, my two kids slept until 7:30 (I had to wake Mr. P. up!) and the rest of the gang was up and at em around 5!!! Luckily there was coffee brewing. And Pop Tarts! Because they're kind of square in keeping with the Minecraft theme. Let me tell you, Pop Tarts combined with coffee was kind of magical!

Then the kids played pin the tail on the Minecraft piggy:

The morning's craft was making Minecraft Perler bead pins. I purchased the beads at Michael's and used the square template that came with the set. 

The kids got really creative with their creations!

Two days later was Mr. P.'s actual birthday where the celebrating continued! Out to breakfast before school for some birthday pancakes!!

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