Thursday, December 26, 2013

happy boxing day!

I am thrilled to note it's 10:30 a.m. in Los Angeles and I am still in my pajamas!

It has been a busy holiday season!

Cleo is still recovering nicely…I'm removing his heating lamp today. He's eating and moving about slowly. Tomorrow, I'll bring him back downstairs with Gunther. Today, I brought Gunther up for a visit and she stood on her hind legs peering through the bars of his cage. It was so cute. 

Every year we order our tree from Living Christmas Tree. We love them because instead of chopping down their trees, they pot and replant them each year. In theory, you could adopt the same tree every Christmas and hope that down the road it still fits. 

Well, this year we ordered a 6 foot tree, but Santa delivered a 9 foot tree!! 

There was no delicated placement of tree lights…it was more like a light toss and hope you like where it lands. 

It JUST fits in our living room and our DIY angel had to be strapped onto the top branch instead of place atop it. 

But it's pretty. 

We had friends over on the 23rd for a little get together. Mr. Meremade made this signature cocktail: tangerine juice, vodka, cranberries, fresh herbs and tangerine zest. 

And I made these eggnog doughnut muffins. Click here for the recipe. They were so good!

Christmas was spent with family. 

My dad enjoyed sunning himself (it was 80 degrees here)

And here is Doodle's favorite gift this year! He kept pestering me about what he was getting for Christmas and jokingly, I kept telling him he was going to get a leaf. See what happens when he actually gets the leaf:

We hosted Christmas dinner for 16 family members…Mr. Meremade is part Greek, so there was eggplant with feta, a Greek salad and a leg of lamb. We also had green beans, potatoes, kale and quinoa salad and homemade pigs in a blanket (they turned out great using this recipe)

For dessert, my mom made her famous chocolate cake and I made a Christmas wreath that I should be eating with my coffee right now!! Click here for the how to.

Here's to many more hours spent in my jammies…...

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