Monday, December 2, 2013

giving thanks

We had such a great Thanksgiving holiday! It's getting me very excited for Winter Break!!

Well, things started out a little dramatically. Doodle fell at school and needed some stitches...
(sorry for the graphic photo)

But that led to an afternoon movie marathon, which we equally enjoyed!

So, maybe they both visited the dentist…but Doodle seemed to enjoy it:

There were games played:

and some major cleaning out of our baby / toddler supplies. I had expected a lot more tears saying goodbye to all those sweet clothes with all those memories. I saved my very favorite for the boys. Doodle kept some for his dolls. A close friend went home with a few more things for her four month old baby who is currently donning 12 month clothing! And the rest….

bagged and boxed up and on it's way to the Philippines:

I had time to sew some burp cloths and changing pad for my mom's friend's grandchild:

Then it was time to prep for turkey day:

There was silliness with their auntie:

roasted brussel sprout and pear salad (I told you I am obsessed with it!):

cranberry, blueberry pie filling!

A beautiful fall bouquet sent by my parents' friends:

pumpkin spice loaf:

Even Gunther enjoyed some greens! (Did I tell you Gunther is actually a girl? Confirmed by small animal vet. Oops! She's now Gunther Penelope):

The table was set:

Boat place cards for the kids:

Kids' table:

Ah, the turkey! My husband used a new Martha Steward method this year that involved cheesecloth…make the turkey so gorgeous!!

Everyone loves my mom!

The day at the beach was fun, although you wouldn't know it for the picture (this is what I get for trying to get them to pose for a holiday card)

Maybe I can Photoshop his smiling face onto this one?

We went to see Frozen last night and ran into friends who joined us for dinner afterwards:

And everyone was tuckered out by the end of it all…...

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  1. It was a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for hosting you crafty, culinary goddess...


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