Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

So my family informed me that I wasn't MIA on my blog for one week, but for two! Yikes! Trying to be better about time management over here. 

How was your Halloween? Ours was pretty mellow this year. Doodle, who loves the movie Dumbo, was inspired to be a baby elephant. 

This was the first time I sewed without a patten. (Instead, I used one a t-shirt and pants to make an outline and just sort of winged it from there.)

I know that elephants are really fuzzy! But I wasn't about to sew him a leather outfit! And let me tell you about fuzzy material! It is messy! Each time I worked with it (cutting it was the worst!) I emerged from my sewing table looking like I had gotten into a fight with a woodland creature and lost. There was hair EVERYWHERE!

For the mask I used a batman mask as a model and then gathered some gray felt. 

Here are the pieces before I sewed them together. I also added some purple around the eyes just to give the elephant a bit more character. This method could be applied to make any animal! (I doubled each piece of felt so that it was sturdier and also so I could sandwich the elastic between the pieces of felt.

Mr. P. was Hero Brian from Minecraft (anyone else's kids obsessed?) I called him Hero Bob for about a month before finally getting it right. I sewed the shirt and the pixilated pick ax and cardboard head were store bought. 

Here's Doodle with the whole outfit on:

For Halloween Eve, Mr. P. wanted to be a yellow ninja. Mr. Meremade purchased a white karate outfit and dyed it yellow. 

Then Mr. Meremade transformed into a gladiator (he is Greek after all)

I was a minion from Despicable Me (number one costume this year, after a fox) yeah...totally original. 

The kids spent a little over an hour trick or treating, then we all came home and watched Jumanji after eating pumpkin pizza. 

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