Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gunther the Guinea Pig

We adopted a new pet two weeks ago, a guinea pig we named Gunther:

(mom, close your eyes!)  She hates rodents.

Here's how it all went down. Mr. Meremade was mucking it up in Mexico (when the cat's away, the guinea pigs will play) and we had to do a Petco run for our kitchen fish tank. 

Right when we walked in there was an adoption table filled with cute fuzzy animals up for adoption. Doodle fell in love with these pygmy hamsters that were popping their heads up from their bedding like prairie dogs. They were really cute. We thought about adopting two of them. A saleswoman assured us they were easy to take care of. 

Cut to me in the fish aisle picking out this crab named Penelope. I asked the fish man what the real deal was with the pygmy hamsters. His response was "worst pet ever." When I asked why he explained that they bite and they're smelly and they're really small so if you take them out they can disappear in your house which meant that my mom really would never step foot in this place again. 

I asked him, "if one were to get an animal of the fuzzy variety, which kind would you recommend?" He immediately said, "guinea pigs. They're the best."The kids and I came home and I scoured the Internet for information about guinea pigs. Everyone had positive things to say. They are apparently the least smelly rodent around. Apparently they can be potty trained and they love being held. 

So back to the store we went the next day. I felt weird about purchasing a guinea pig as I'm a big proponent of adoption. Apparently, it was out lucky day because it turns out this 7 month old cavy (another name for guinea pig) was currently up for adoption. 

So now I can introduce you to Gunther! He's a brindle pig (you don't see too many of those) and has a guinea pig mohawk that I love! He loves to munch of fresh fruit and veggies and timothy hay. He seems content in his cage. 

and I also got a puppy run for him so we take him out for an hour a day and let him run around and hide food for him. 

He LOVES his cuddle time and even makes a guinea pig purr when he's curled up in your lap getting stroked.

Welcome to our wacky family, Gunther!

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