Monday, September 9, 2013

very pinteresting: tie fighters

I'm starting a new series over here I've titled "Very Pinteresting" (you kind of have to say like a detective who has just unearthed some essential clue)

I will be trying out some Pinterest projects with the kids and letting you all know how it goes!

First up, Tie Fighters from Made.

photo courtesy of Made

I liked this one because the materials list was pretty short. This was an easy project to complete in only a few minutes. I will say, wrapping the pipe cleaners around an inflated balloon stressed me out. Let me back up and explain I have major balloon popping anxiety - I'm pretty sure I get it from my mom. But my kids know that if a balloon is coming for a ride in our car, it's going in the trunk lest it pop while I'm driving and scare the bejesus out of me. That being said, wrapping a very sharp pipe cleaner around an inflated balloon made me want to reach for the Valium. I suppose if you're as crazy as I am, you could tape up the pointy ends with any kind of tape. I decided to live dangerously as you know what? Not one balloon popped. But the kids learned how to make farting noises come out of the balloon. 

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