Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY teepee

We used to have a backyard full of bamboo that made our home feel like an oasis.

Unfortunately, the roots were appearing in droves in the neighbor's yard and in trying to be good neighbors, we had all the bamboo removed.

It's not as magical out back anymore...there's not as much shade.

But it's not all gloom and doom as we have upcycled some of the bamboo to make our very own teepee! (Did you know there's like 6 ways to spell teepee??!!)

 If you don't have someone cutting your bamboo for you, cut the bamboo into 6 equal pieces using a hacksaw (our polls were 7 feet tall.

The dog likes is:

Doodle likes it:

Mr. P. and his merry band of friends like it!

We also installed a battery operated lantern in there so the kids can read in the teepee at night. 

Next up, perhaps a handwoven teepee rug made out of wild grass....haha

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