Saturday, August 10, 2013

old montreal and science center (and a little aside about airplane food)

Airplane travel is just not that fun. And the food stinks. But on this trip, I was determined to be prepared and make something healthy. I get nervous when I fly. When I get nervous, I like to eat. But with my new found friend, Klonopin, I was able to relax (even sleep?) and eat well on the flight. 

Here's our dog pile of in flight snacks. It's almost a 6 hour flight to Montreal not including the two hours before take off and the time spent in customs and immigration. Let me just say that ALL snacks were consumed. Seriously. These boys can chow down. 

I brought apples, cherries, blueberries, bars, raspberries, carrots and ranch, rice crackers, turkey jerky and seaweed.

For myself, I made a simple green salad (I grabbed a single pack dressing from an airport restaurant) and quinoa with carrots and herb:

And I placed it all in this homemade bag! Tutorial here!

Okay, back to our trip. We ventured out to Old Montreal which boasts cobblestone streets and seaside views. But someone was attacked by a case of jet lag the second we finally found a parking spot. 

He was a good sport. Let me mention it was like 90 degrees out with 95% humidity. I thought I was going to melt. We stopped at a tavern for some wine, cranberry juice and french fries. 

Then we rented one of these bikes for six. Four people can peddle, two can relax and one can steer. I realize that adds up to seven. So the person who is steering also has to pedal. Apparently no one wanted that job in our bike. (note handmade bag in front bike basket) My husband doesn't usually spontaneously disrobe, but man, it was hot. I almost did the same thing. 

We stopped off that this red pipe structure to play:

Then trouble with a capitol T got behind the wheel. He did a great job, til he decided to get all fancy and experiment with swerving. It didn't end well. 

Oh, did I mention there was a stop for ice cream sandwiches en route? (evidence below) And that's my mom! Hi mom!

So, Mr. P. drove us into the curb, which was jolting to say the least. But we all had the giggles. Except for Mr. P. who refused to get back in the bike for a few minutes. 

So here we sat and sat and sat......

Till we decided to go to the science museum:

Mr. P. might have needed medical attention. Apparently he walked in front of his dad suddenly, and Dad kept walking, tripping over Mr. P. and snagging an old cut on his toe with his shoe. But Mr. P.'s version to the medical administrator was, "my dad kicked me." Luckily, they didn't kick us out of Canada. 

The kids area was great here. Doodle got really into the puppet theater:

We liked posing in front of this contraption:

So very 70's:

Big bubble machine:

An over sized tire?

We bought tickets to the shark exhibit. (I have an obsession with sharks. Shark Week anyone??)

Another outing complete.

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