Thursday, August 15, 2013

last day in Montreal

Well, this will be the last day in Montreal. I'm going to end on my dad's 80th birthday extravaganza (which was the whole impetus for the trip.)

We had a special birthday breakfast: bagels, lox and this pie that I was obsessed with:

The birthday boy was forced to don this ridiculous crown:

There were multiple birthday celebrations. Here he is with his sister:

And here we are at his favorite restaurant, Moishes:

Where the martinis flowed!

And the family gathered:

That's my sister, aunt and uncle above!

My dad and I got the giggles out of control as we are apt to do:

This kid tried his best to behave:

And in the world's worst segue, we finish up with how we spent our days in between running around to all these various activities:

We loved Westmount Park:

It had a great playground and a wonderful water structure that the kids loved on extra hot days. 

The Westmount Library is right in the middle of the park and the children's section is the entire bottom floor! Even though we weren't able to check out books, the kids had fun doing "research". One day it was dinosaurs and another, lightening. Mr. P. had never really explored encyclopedia sets and he loved them! Oh, the good ole days of encyclopedias!!

And the wild swiss chard in planters everywhere made me hungry!

But most of all, I liked watching these brothers get closer and closer (in between all the fighting, of course.)

Au revoir, Montreal! Until next time!

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