Tuesday, August 6, 2013

kids guide to Montreal

Are you ready to take a trip to Montreal with me all week? Grab your passports and let's go!

In July, we spent two weeks in Montreal with my kids, parents and sister to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday in my parents' hometown. I've been there many, many, many times before growing up, but this was only the second time with kids and, zut alhors, turns out this predominantly French-speaking city boasts a wide variety of kid friendly activities!

I'll go over them briefly here and as the week goes on, I'll delve a little deeper into each one. If you have any additional kid friendly recommendations in Montreal, feel free to add to the comments section of this post!

Bon Voyage!

We stayed in a neighborhood called Westmount. It's lovely and the best part is it was very easy to navigate on foot. Coming from Los Angeles where we use the car all the time, it was so fun to explore a city by foot!

One of our first stops that night (at 11 p.m.) was to Schwartz's - a famous deli. This is a must do!

We hit up Old Montreal (think cobblestone streets and seaside walkways) where we rented this pedal bike for six: 

The Science Center is also there. 

We spent a day at the biodome which is next to Olympic Stadium:

And my favorite, the Botanical Gardens:

And the insectarium!

We spent a full afternoon at Beaver Lake in Mont Royal Park:

We drove up to the Laurentians for a lakeside adventure:

We spent a lot of time (almost every day) at Westmount Park:

And for my foodie followers:

This was my favorite baker, the Boulangerie Le Fournil. I would go in there for coffee and peruse all the amazing baked goods. I had my eye on this rhubarb, strawberry, peach, apricot pie for days before finally purchasing it for my dad's birthday.

We spent his actual birthday at Moishes, old favorite of my parents.  They make the best martinis. 

Doodle and I went on a date to Brasserie Central and had a lovely meal.

And we made frequent stops to this artisan ice cream shop, Bibloquet:

So, there's Montreal in a nutshell, over the next week, I'll take you through some of our adventures in a little more detail!

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