Sunday, August 4, 2013

box bag gift

Teacher appreciation day has long come and gone and I am only now caught up. 

I wanted to make Doodle's four teachers box bags that they could use for cosmetics or travel or art supplies or whatever, but life kept getting in the way!

I used this great tutorial from Dragon[knit]fly. There is an option to add a handle at the bottom of the bag as well. 

I can't remember who makes the fabric but it's a little bit thick - leaning towards canvass. And I lined the insides with a solid, contrasting color that matches the zipper to make it pop.

When I finally finished the project, the bags looked sad and deflated:

 so I decided to fill them with something fun and cheery....socks!!!

Everyone knows that a fun pair of socks works like a cute pair of underwear...a hidden secret that no one knows about. 

Finally the bags looked bulky and ready to be gifted!

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