Thursday, August 8, 2013

Biodome/Insectarium/Botanical Gardens in Montreal

I'm lumping all three of these activities together because they are located in such close proximity (you even buy all three entry tickets in one place) But I will say that visiting all three in one day makes for a very long day. Lucky for us, the Botanical Garden tickets were good for one additional visit within the next ten days, so we were sure to come back.

I'll start with the Biodome. This is the place for animal lovers. The idea is that you get to walk through various ecosystem / habitats including rainforest, Antarctica, the Laurentians and sort of a sea side area.

There are no cages here, which was super fun when monkeys started jumping around above our heads. 

Mr. P. as a bat:

Doodle as space explorer:

The Insectarium is a short drive away. Here's a display of hundred or iridescent beetles. 

Lots of great bugs, both living and not-so-alive. There were many high schoolers on hand to answer questions about the bugs on hand. 

The coolest set up (and I failed to get a photo of it) was an ant farm, again, cageless. (The Canadians sure do like to live on the edge with their wildlife!) On one table was the ant's home with it various intricate tunnels and then there was a bridge of branches leading to another table that housed a live plant with small leaves. We watched forever as the ants trekked over the bridge to the leaves, clipped small pieces and then carried them back over the bridge to their home. 

The Botanical Gardens were my favorite Montreal excursion. There were just so many different facets to the garden that we had to spread our visit over two trips. 

There was a lakeside ecosystem and the boys got to use a net to hunt for lake dwellers, then a volunteer would explain a bit about what they had caught. How they did not fall in is beyond me. 

There were these huge botanical statues made up of greenery. Apparently, the entries are part of an annual competition and come from all over the world. This is a sea turtle leaping out of a grand piano:

And here is a tree spirit:

There was a play area for the kids:

A lily pad lake:

Wildflowers galore:

A vertical rock garden:

We stumbled upon this stunning fox! (not part of the exhibit! But by then we were used to wild animals running all over the place!)

And in the Chinese gardens I felt as though I was actually visiting a Chinese temple"

I never get sick of lily pads:

Then I got fancy with the camera:

Well, there you have it. Next up, the science center!

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