Saturday, July 13, 2013

road trippin!

Mr. P. and I had our annual end of the school year road trip up the California Coast. First stop, as requested, a stay at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The kitchy hotel boasts an inordinate amount of themed-rooms: caveman room, Swiss Alps room (see last year's post) and this time, we got the pink room, that has another fancy name, but really should just be called the pink room. 

Even the walls sparkled. 

Golden cherubs hung from the ceiling. 

We climbed some pretty fancy spiral staircases to get to our room!

These goblets are only sold here! Mr. P. always picks one out for his little brother. 

Then we were off to San Francisco to spend less than 24 hours! Considering what little time we had we managed to see my friend from college who just had a baby, our friends and her two daughters who moved from L.A. to S.F. a few years ago and a night out with some of my camp friends!

We headed up the coast to the Santa Rosa airport, a.k.a. the most stress free airport ever and had lunch and read as we awaited Doodle and my husband's arrival. Although I did get carded at the restaurant (we were in wine country after all) I decided that she must have glaucoma or something. 

Then up, up, up the coast to Farm Camp!! I've been coming here for the past 28 years! (minus a few summers here and there) first as a camper, then counselor, then assistant director, then to family camp with the kids!

Even though Doodle looks grumpy cold in the photo above, we did have a great time!

That's a banana slug:

Fierce hiker:

The camp's owner was on her way to a party with these appetizers in pretty is that??

We made new friends at the barn dance:

And were very cold in the mornings:

Spend some time in a tree:

With a dragon head:

making more new friends:

These two braved the cold and slept outside one night. They slept in until almost nine when a meandering pregnant  goat discovered them. 

the puppies were so cute!!

And the nine hour ride home was off to a beautiful start!

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