Thursday, June 27, 2013

popsicle stick cuffs

So, the laws of physics dictate that if you heat up wood, it will become pliable. The laws of craftiness dictate that said bendy wood should then be molded into a lovely cuff bracelet!

Materials Needed:
Popsicle sticks (prep double because some might break)
an empty glass
paint, brushes
a naked wrist!

Begin by soaking your Popsicle sticks overnight.

Then boil a pot of water and throw those puppies in for about 30 minutes.

Using tongs and an over mitt, remove the Popsicle sticks, one at a time and place inside a glass cup. (* I wish my glass had been narrower!!!)

Here is a photo of about 5 sticks in each glass. 

Leave them alone for another day. The next day, they will be dry and ready to come out and play!

Take your paint and get to work decorating them. We had to add some duct tape to ours since I used a too-wide glass for my kids' small wrists. 

 Let them dry completely before wearing. 

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