Wednesday, June 12, 2013

kid craft: rain sticks

Mr. P.'s class made rain sticks last week as part of their Southwest studies. His little brother really wanted in on this project so we came up with our own version at home. 

Rain sticks come from the Aztecs who used to play them in hopes of rain. Typically, they are made out of hollow cacti. The spines are removed and then placed into the cacti like nails. Pebbles are then placed in the cacti and when they are turned, the pebbles jostling around the cacti spines makes the soothing sound of a rain stick. 

Materials Needed:
Paper towel roll (or any other sturdy roll)
duct tape
aluminium foil
twine / yarn
1/4 cup dry rice

-Take a large sheet of aluminium foil (twice the size of a piece of paper) and roll it up lengthwise. Wrap it around your forearm to get a spiral shape. 

-Insert coil into paper towel roll. 
- Secure one end of the roll with duct tape. 

- insert 1/4 rice.
- secure other end of roll.

- decorate rain sticks by painting and wrapping yarn. The more colorful it is, the more festive it looks. 

Bring on the rain!!!

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  1. Great craft project. I am doing a happy dance because I have all of the supplies on hand to make these rain sticks with the girls today. ;o)


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