Friday, May 24, 2013

stitches (not the sewing kind)

While I love stitching anything, when it comes to my son's face, I'd rather it remain stitch free. 

Doodle has spent his toddler years sleeping on a mattress on the floor, mostly because we didn't want to deal with him falling out of the bed in the middle of the nights. He was completely content with this until he turned four and started asking for a "big boy bed" like his brother has. 

We finally relented last week and got this bed from Ikea.

 I love how modern it looks and the two, roomy drawers for storage are a big plus. 

The package arrived and my husband spent a few hours putting it together - experiencing that universal frustration when it comes to Ikea assembly. By the time he finished it was time for bed. He went to take off Doodle's t-shirt and he did that thing that kids do when a t-shirt is half on half off - he lurched forward - only, his head popped out of the t-shirt which sent him flying across the room and smack into the lip of the newly assembled, never-been-slept-in Ikea bed. 


Our close friend is an ER doctor who was not on call that night, so we went to her house where she bribed the patient with dum-dums. 

(graphic photo below, sorry!)

He was not the "easiest" of patients, according to the doctor, he ranked pretty high on the drama scale. So she waited until he passed out in dad's arms and then got to work doing her kind of sewing. 

Ten or eleven stitches and three hours later, he finally got to sleep in his new bed. 
And he hasn't fallen out.....yet. 

He gets to sport a bandaid over the area for the next six months (to keep the sun off of it and thereby preventing scarring)

and he has perfected the pout face. (Mine still needs work, I'm afraid.)

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