Wednesday, May 15, 2013

mother's day

Did you all have a nice, relaxing Mother's Day? I did!

I was completely exhausted after having been in two performances for Mr. P.'s school fundraiser the day (and night before.) We sang. We danced. Then partied til 1 a.m. Who am I? Haven't done that in years! And the best part was that my dad also participated in the show and the post party!

Mr. P. was also in the show, which meant 3 generations, one show! So fun! Okay, back to Mother's Day......Have I told you about my Mom? She is one amazing woman. She is kind and social and crafty and smart! Growing up she was always getting into some crafty hobby. One year is was basketry weaving another year, paper making. Then there was the calligraphy craze (she wrote out all the diplomas for my high school class). She was always super involved in my school. She even helped start the Children's Museum here in Los Angeles. She is an avid reader and traveller and an amazing cook to boot. And she had super cool outfits in the 60's!!! 

We had a lovely brunch at our house (last year's attempt at taking the kids to a fancy pants restaurant ended up with me leaving mid meal with a screaming child on each hip.)

There was potato and green bean salad:

Salmon poached in white wine:

a beautiful bouquet of peonies (my favorite!!)

Homemade blood orange juice to mix with champagne for blood orange mimosas:

caviar service!!!!

And berries berries berries!!! Including homemade chocolate covered strawberries. My husband really outdid himself!!

And I didn't get a photo of the amazing tarts my sister brought!!

Being a mom is unequivocally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel so lucky to get so share my life with these two incredible children!! Everyone always tells me how quickly kids grow up and I know it's true so I'm just trying to savor every sweet second I have with them. As well as let go of the not-so-sweet moments (there's plenty of those as well, but it's amazing how they erase from my memory when everything is going well!!)

Doodle took some photos: Clearly I'm was excited about all this great food!

And the kids were excited about the berries!

The afternoon included a nap (the caviar service was accompanied by one too many vodkas) and an Ikea desk building extravaganza. My next post will cover the Ikea bed building debaucle....stay tuned!!!

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