Friday, April 12, 2013

Santa Fe Kids Guide

We had an amazing two weeks off with the kids! We spent the second week in San Diego and the first week in Santa Fe, which turned out to be a very kid friendly vacation!

I wanted to share some of the things we did in case you were curious about visiting Santa Fe!

We decided to travel there by train and fly home. More on the train in another post, but it was definitely an adventure! An 18 hour adventure!

The train dropped us off in Lamy and we took a shuttle to the heart of Santa Fe and had one of these:

We awaited another shuttle to our hotel, Bishop's Lodge. This place is great and super kid friendly! There is a huge pool, horses to ride and feed, a kids playground, hiking trails and free morning pilates and yoga classes for the grownups. 

The next day our adventure began with brunch at Pasquals. Right at the heart of town, this place was amazing! Such an interesting, organic and lively menu. 

I ordered this crazy blend of homemade tortillas, eggs, cilantro, peas and plantains smothered in a hot sauce. It was sooooo good!

Across the street is sort of kitchy shop full of things to looks at. Next up the Santa Fe Children's Museum. This is a must do with kids! We spent hours here in mirrored tunnels:

Using a pulley to lift themselves up in chairs:

exploring the outside tire yard:

configuring waterways at the water table:

Using the sun dial to tell time:

Playing an oversized xylophone:

And playing with what Mr. P. referred to as the "disco worm" in the worm habitat:

After the museum, we walked about 30 yards to the Bataan Memorial Museum. This museum traces New Mexico's involvement in various wars overs the past two hundred years. 

They had an amazing collection of historic memorabilia that the boys loved looking at. 

On the way back to our hotel we drive by this sign:

Any sign that involves the words "chocolate house" is a must see in my book! Kakawa is full of handmade chocolate items, drinks, bars and bite sized. 

The boys sat at their own little table and enjoyed a hot chocolate and a piece of homemade chocolate, while I had a salted caramel. 

The next day we went and explored the Railway Yard. This reminded me of the Embarcadero in San Francisco - lots of stores and a huge farmer's market. We ate breakfast at the Flying Star Cafe. The burritos come big in Santa Fe!

And I found a quinoa, egg and veggie dish that hit the spot:

Then we explored the Railyard Park. It was clean and new and so empty! I wondered where all the kids were! Later in the trip I read that the median age in Santa Fe is 50 and it's quite common for the parks to be void of children. 

It was right about this time that Mr. P. started complaining about his tooth hurting. Upon further inspection, we noticed his cheek was kind of puffy. This kid needed a dentist and he needed one quickly! Lucky for us we found Hero Dental of Santa Fe, complete with an indoor play area. It turned out Mr. P. had an access on his back molar and needed the tooth pulled! Poor guy!

So it was back to the hotel for some R and R. 

But the next day we were on our feet again! We visited the Georgia O'Keefe museum (I ran in first and purchased some postcards of various O'Keefe works featured in the museum. This way the kids could do a little treasure hunt).

Here's a link to more info on the artist Georgia O'Keefe! brought to you by 

We had gluten free cupcakes and coffee down the street and Momo and Co. Not only is the food great here, but they have a whole corner set up for kids with toys and a fake kitchen. 

We strolled through town taking in the sites:

Onward to Dinosaurs and More a gem and fossil store in the center of town. Mr. P. used his tooth fairy money to buy a crystal and Doodle got himself a prehistoric shark tooth. We marveled at a lot of gems!

Next was a quick trip up to camel rock! 

We were hot and tired after all this running around, but we drove by the Shidoni Sculpture Garden on the way home and we had to check it out!

Santa Fe is such a kid friendly city! We did end up flying home one day early because Mr. P's mouth was so sore, so we didn't get to do everything on my list. 

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