Tuesday, April 16, 2013

my heart hurts

I wanted this to be a place to celebrate crafting and cooking – a lighthearted space where I could share things I love to do. But this Boston Marathon bombing is weighing too heavily on my heart to not address it.

Besides being a horrific  and tragic news story, it resonates with me and my relationships to marathons. I completed the L.A. marathon 10 years ago. But more importantly, I’ve cheered on my mom at 4 (maybe 5 or more?) marathons. And just a few weeks ago, the kids hopped on bikes and we went down a few blocks to cheer on a friend who was running the L.A. marathon. When you cheer someone on in a marathon, you don’t just cheer that one person on, you cheer for everyone. It feels more like a team sport than a race.

Yes it is a race, but more importantly, the marathon is a celebration of life and of the human spirit. People from all over the world gather together in this apolitical event that brings out the best. To take away the joy and beauty of this event is evil.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy. I am left wondering how I am supposed to parent in this crazy, mad world? Once again, I will squeeze my children a little tighter these days. 

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