Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Les Miz Birthday

Last month we celebrated Doodle's 4th birthday. I already shared our Carnival-themed birthday party, but what I failed to share was the Les Miserables extravaganza that took place on his actual birthday eve. 

I made a French flag cake:

There was pizza and pasta galore (more Italian than French, but that's what the kid wanted.)

Kale and cabbage salad for non pizza goers:

Those of you familiar with the musical might remember that Jean Val Jean's prison number is 24601. Doodle got it right away. 

He was a happy boy!

The kids hopped up on the table waving paper flags for their rendition of "Do You Hear the People Sing?"

He received the 1200+ page Victor Hugo novel which will make a very good doorstop:

Grandma came in from Las Vegas!

Doodle was vehement about us NOT singing the traditional "Happy Birthday" song to him. Instead, he asked for  a Les Miz medley of all his favorite songs.

This weekend, we're taking the kids to see a local high school production of Les Miz. Sure, Javert might be going through puberty, but I'm sure it will be entertaining, to say the least. 

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