Sunday, March 17, 2013

the weekend

We had a nice, mellow weekend at home (my favorite kind!) Full of good eats including, vegan mac n cheese: (thanks healthy blender!)

beet hash with eggs (thanks Martha!)

my photo came out way steamier (and I added bacon) Plus, instead of potatoes I substituted sweet potatoes. They turned nice and pink in all that beet juice and I ate the extras over salad for dinner. 

For dinner, we had an Irish feast, kale salad (Irish only in spirit as it's green), corned beef brisket, and cabbage and potatoes. 

And black and tans:

We acquired some new family members...I'll get a better photo soon. The black goldfish is "Ninja" and the orange one is "Pog". Apparently, they can grow up to 8 inches! I can't tell you how close we came to almost taking home a hamster. I'm quite content with the fish. 

The boys played a little hockey with their dad. 

There were bike rides (It's hard to ride bikes and hold hands at the same time!)

And we cheered on a dear friend running the L.A. marathon. We looked for a second friend and sadly couldn't find him amid the swarms of people. But at one point, a friend from high school ran by! It was a 10 second mini reunion, but exciting to see a familiar face running nonetheless!

Phew! Now that I type this all up suddenly my weekend doesn't look so relaxing! I didn't even write about dance class or Mr. P.'s fencing or the play date on Friday, movies in bed, swimming and dinner at a friend's house. 

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