Tuesday, March 19, 2013

magical thank you cards

Truth be told, I haven't pulled it together to send these out yet, but this weekend we did work on our thank you cards from Doodle's birthday. These cards are super easy to make and fun for the kids as there's a magical element to them. 

Supplies needed:
white paper or cardstock cut into card size pieces
cards / envelopes
a white crayon

Simply write whatever you want on the card - in our case, I wrote "Thank you" using the white crayon. Then let your kids go to town with the water colors. The paint will adhere everywhere but where your crayon went. 

cool, right?

We churned them out!

I love how differently they all turned out!

We let them dry, then glued them to a colorful card backing and wrote our notes on the inside.

We have a few more to do and then into the mail they'll go!

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