Friday, March 8, 2013

carnival birthday

Doodle decided on a carnival themed party for his number 4. I was all ready to work my tail off making games for the kids to play, but when we went to rent out table, turns out they also rent out games. One less thing for me to do!

The night before the party some good friends got wrangled into helping blow up balloons, make party favors and stuff pinatas. 

Someone was so excited about his impending party; he passed out at 6:30. 

Carnival fare included grapes on fancy sticks (Target):


Corn dogs and veggies with ranch:

There were lots of things to do like toss the ring on the clown with the odd nipple-like protrusions:


the strong-man hammer:

get tickets at the ticket stand:

tic tac toe toss:

knock down the weirdos:


face painting, tattoos and an art wall:

Doodle's favorite helpers were on hand:

and I got to work with fondant for the first time!

Big brother helped with the little ones.

He was so excited to turn 4!

and so was his brother:

and then somehow, everyone ended up shirtless:

Guests left with their party favors:

One last snuggle with his bestie:

He ogled over his pressies:

And finally, after everyone left, I was able to convince him to do a little face painting:

Birthday celebration part deux is next....stay tuned.
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