Thursday, February 21, 2013

ski vacation!

We just got back from the best ski vacation in Mammoth, CA. 
We got the car ready for the 5-hour drive:

The drive itself went surprisingly fast! Lots of little towns to look at and the mountains were beautiful!

We stopped for lunch at the Mohave Airport restaurant and looked on the map wall to try and see where my parents are on their trip to Vietnam:

The town itself is so charming!

We travelled on Valentine's Day and we were sad that we wouldn't be able to continue our V-day fondu tradition. But, guess who stumbled upon a French cafe that night?!!

Fondu both savory and sweet:

Poor Mr. Meremade had a bad cold. And I was without makeup. Doodle suffered from altitude sickness for the first 24 hours. You're not believing me that it was the best trip ever!

We spent the rest of the trip in the snow! Sledding in it:

standing in it:

flying over it:

skiing up it:

resting in it:

posing on it:

these little guys worked so hard! (I kept telling the kids I wore a bright green jacket so they could find me easily...judging by the people in the backround of this photo, I guess I wasn't the only parent with this brilliant plan)

and I ran into Wooly the Mammoth at the top of the hill:

He also showed up at the tube park and tubed with us. Getting dressed in all those layers was the hardest part for these beach boys. 

I slowly got over my fear of heights with each gondola ride:

And the boys got new cozy pj's. I can't count the number of times those butt buttons kept "coming undone."

This beer tasted SO good after a long day of skiing:

and there was an outside sandbox to play in at the kids' favorite restaurant!

We ran into some friends from home!

There were evening bon fires:

more sledding:

and good sleeps for all!

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