Sunday, February 3, 2013

one resolution - reading list - January

I tend to get all laundry listy when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. In an effort to simplify everything in my life, this year, I decided one resolution was all I got. 

But what should it be? After watching my "to read" shelf expand onto a pile on the floor, I decided my 2013 resolution would be to read at least one book a week. Furthermore, I resolved to be non-judgemental in choosing said weekly book. Parenting, fiction, non-fiction, romance novel, young adult, juicy memoir.....anything, as long as it's a book. 

Now that it's officially February, I am happy to announce I was able to abide by my one and only resolution last month. 

Here's what I read:

Secrets and Surprises by Ann Beattie - This is a collection of short fiction that I really liked, but not as much as her next  collection, Burning House, which is one of my all time favorites.
Next was The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson. Moments of this book were hysterical as two children of performance artist parents navigate the waters of a f&$cked up childhood. They manage to reach adulthood, but their parents still remain dedicated to the art of spectacle, no matter the cost. 

Blue Nights by Joan Didion - After having read The Year Of Magical Thinking, a heartbreaking memoir about losing her husband, Blue Nights is even more depressing, exploring the loss of her daughter to a massive hematoma. But both are just so well written that even in their darkest moments, these books are impossible to put down. 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - Suspense / mystery novels have never been my genre, but after hearing everyone and their mother talk about this book, I ran to the local library to give it a whirl and finished it two days later. It was a fast-paced whodunit that is apparently coming to a theater near you!

So I did it! Los Angeles Public Library, watch out! Here I come! (and just so you know, when I love a book, I do buy it.....) And my library just started offering free downloadable e-books to borrow the same as a library book. So fun! (and easier to return.....I tend to accrue late fees, but totally justify it by telling myself I am merely helping finance the services offered at the library. 

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