Tuesday, February 26, 2013

craftastic round up

In lieu of crafting this week, I'm including a round up of some of my favorite recent craft finds. With spring break looming, I'm hoping to have more time to craft with the kids. But today, I've reserved for adult crafting. When's the last time you made something for yourself?

Milk carton planters from Martha: 

I love the look of these!!! We were just talking about how we need to get some house plants! (did you know they absorb toxins in your home?)

I love these three-legged vases from apartment therapy! 

Patterned soap anyone? These would make the perfect host gift. 

Also from Martha. Go figure. 

I want to make one of these in every single possible color combination. These are from the Purl Bee and while they are advertised as baby blankets, I'd make 'em larger as a throw blanket. 

I received my first cake stand and glass cover for Christmas this year. I love it! It makes my piddly baking projects look legit! Who knew you could make your own!

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