Sunday, December 30, 2012

what I ate #12

We've been cooking fools around these parts. Can't get enough of the cooking part (can get enough of the cleaning part).

Christmas morning the kids woke up to their presents and a holiday spread:

gluten free granola with berries, a roasted tomato clafoutis and bagels with lox:

and fixings:

Another meal included these beautiful branzino wrapped in grape leaves and then grilled on the barbeque served with mint (I discovered this recipe last week and we've already made this one twice.)

We ate it with a deconstructed brussel sprout salad with avocado and a kale salad with roasted squash.

The flowers from the farmer's market two week ago have held up quite nicely: 

And we are still laughing at a present received by an unsuspecting relative. Let's just say when you turn this guy's torso around, you can snap the tail on and he's not so vulgar. But where is that tail????

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