Friday, December 7, 2012

these boots were made for talking

If these rain boots could talk, they'd have quite a story to tell. 

You see, I was running late to get Mr. P. to school on time, so I decided to do a carpool line run in my pj's (first mistake). I threw on these rain boots (because it was raining) and skipped the whole step where you put on socks (grand mistake number two). 

I dropped Mr. P. off and then dashed home to shower and change before heading downtown to the Natural History Museum where I was meeting Mr. P. and class on a field trip. (You'll recall we had the surreal experience of sleeping there in the mammal hall last year.)

Anywho....I go to take my boots off and to my surprise / horror.....the rubber boots had created the world's strongest suction to the bottom of my feet. I pried. I pulled. No movement. Luckily my big, strong husband was home. Surely he'd be able to pull them off. 

No such luck. Not only were the boots stuck, every time he pulled the friction of the boot sent a searing burn through my feet. 

I was instructed to get into the tub - fully clothed and fill said boots with water. I listened. What other choice did I have? As the boots filled, I could feel them lessening their grip on my poor feet and....pop! They came off, leaving me in the tub in my pj's, soaking wet. 

Mostly unfazed, I continued along with my day to the museum where Mr. P. accidentally opened the contents of my entire water bottle into my leather purse. Yup, I was the one schlepping the dripping purse throughout the museum. 

You'd think that was where my little tale of woe ended...but no...after I got home I went to take a tinkle. As I slid my jeans off I heard a loud plop! and looked down to see my cell phone, which was stored "safely" in my back pocket, was now taking a swim in the toilet. 

I reached in with supersonic reflexes, dried it off, gave it a little cpr and the phone is remarkably fine. (Thank you wonderful people at Apple for making such a surprisingly waterproof product). 

And thus concludes my Friday. How was yours?

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