Sunday, December 23, 2012

somebody is seven!

Mr. P turned 7 last week. I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. He was just a little baby!!

And now he's this thoughtful, energetic, creative, inquisitive and hysterical soul!

And he's super in to Super heroes!! So we had a superhero themed party. I think this may be the last "at home" party we'll do as these boys are getting so big for our living space. 

We set the stage with snacks and decorations:

The boys got into costume and character:

Mr. P. eagerly awaited the arrival of his guests:

First activity - use markers and collage art to make a superhero box city:

Next up, cape decorating. I got a bunch of used shirts at Goodwill and transformed them into capes (tutorial to follow)

And then used outer space decals and fabric markers to decorate them:

Onto Superhero Bingo (I can't find the link I used to print free templates however a simple Google search should do the trick!)

For lunch, burritos! They all showed such wonderful table manners:

Did I mention we were talked into wearing costumes as well? (the things we do for our kids)

After lunch, they were off to make superhero cuffs out of coffee sleeves (everyone in my family downed lots of coffee helped collect cardboard sleeves for a month) and aluminium foil:

There was cake:

and a pinata:

No candy in this pinata! Only superhero underpants!!!!! (the kids ran the range of being somewhat disappointed at this prospect to very giggly)

Doodle wore his as a hat:

There were party favors:

And two days later on his real birthday, they were in costume again, this time over a big spread of Chinese food. 

 and more cake....

...and I am officially off the birthday hook until March!!!

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