Saturday, November 17, 2012


Sometimes, I forget I live in Los Angeles. Nothing like being a guest at the Breaking Dawn Part Two, Twilight Premiere to remind me.

I haevnt' been to a movie premiere since sometime in the 80's which meant I was hovering between 6 - 11 years old, so my memory of the whole thing is a bit foggy.

Cut to Twilight. And 8,000 of my closest friends. There was nothing mellow about this evening. And apparently, even though the directions tell you to specifically get there early or else they'll give your ticket away....don't do that! Because you'll find yourself stuck inside the theater (once you get there you cant leave because they're afraid you might sell your tickets / wrist band.) So, we got to know the Nokia Theater. Intimately.

And just because your ticket says the movie starts at 7:, be prepared for it to start around 8:30. The stars have to walk the red carpet. And the movie can't start unless the stars are in their seats.

Which stars you might ask, did I see? Well, it was looking like I was only going to be able to answer you with the guy who played Urkel and Weird Al Yankevic, but at the 11th hour, Taylor Lautner strolled in and the poor guy was literally mobbed. What a weird existence he must lead.

And it made me smile that during the credits, young adult writer, Stephanie Meyer arguably received the loudest screams of adulation. Go writers!

The after party was incredible, the entire rooftop tent was made to look like a winter forest, covered in snow. The vulturi served us champagne, there was tons of food (and Urkel again), an ice bar, and various pieces of scenery from the movie could sit in the meadow or mingle at the wedding scene.

But I think the most surreal detail at the party were the three wolves pacing at the entrance. But then I remembered, I live in L.A. These things happen.

Apparently, PETA was not too happy about the wolf situation. 

(Thanks Matt for the contraband photos!!)


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