Sunday, November 11, 2012

this weekend

It finally feels like fall in Los Angeles! It was a busy week this week! I'm teaching songwriting at my son's preschool once a week and it's so fun to see their minds at work and then listening to Doodle come home and sing the song we've been working on. 

Our good friend from high school got married this weekend. They didn't let a little rain during the ceremony stop them! And they were rewarded with a huge rainbow that filled the sky. 

The kids had no school on Friday so I took them to see Wreck it Ralph. Considering all the references to 80's Nintendo Games, I thought I'd be a little more into it. It was very, very busy! But the kids seemed to like it. 

Today we're off to the P.S. Arts event in Santa Monica, but I wanted to share a sweet treat I baked: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Smitten Kitchen. 

By the way, we recently got back from Las Vegas where I won a bit on a slot machine. I took my winnings straight to Anthropologie where I purchased:

Smitten Kitchen's first book! 

there was lounging:

We saw a magic show and also perused the Mirage's animal sanctuary. 

And the kids shared the faces they would make should the lions and tigers escape:

fend them off with weirdness, Doodle....good plan!

I've gotten completely off topic.....what is this post about?? I give up. Happy Sunday, everyone! 

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