Wednesday, November 14, 2012

p.s. arts event

We had a blast at the P.S. Arts event! Held at the Santa Monica airport, this event raises money to bring art programs to underserved communities.  

Mr. P. was very hesitant to go, which surprised me considering the fact that he is an avid artist - always filling up pages in his drawing journal. When I probed him about why he didn't want to go, he said, "I just hope there isn't any beading because I hate beading." This made me laugh. I asked him if he'd done a lot of beading and apparently, the beading occurred last year during a winter camp and he never got over the torture of having to string beads. (perhaps his motor skills weren't up to snuff then?)

In any case, there were plenty of activities to try!

3-d D art with Model Magic:

I had to take a photo of the beads on the table, just to taunt Mr. P. 

There was this cool box city where kids could add to the community project by pasting magazine photos or drawing original artwork:

The kids spent a LONG time at this booth!

We got to paint in a blue lit room with neon paints!

Doodle decorated a piggy bank:

Paper bag hat experts were around to help with this project:

and there was tons of food! Here's my doughnut king:

And I was happy with the discovery of the Pressed Juicery table:

And then, low and behold, look who I stumbled upon.....beading!!!! Apparently, when the beads are made out of sugar and the project is an edible necklace, beading becomes a favorite hobby. 

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