Monday, November 5, 2012

baby bibs!

Mr. P.'s school librarian and bookworm extraordinaire is pregnant with twins and her doctor has put her  on bed rest until the end of the pregnancy. 

However, her doctor let her out for one last hurrah thrown by some parents at the school. 

I made these almost matching bibs for the two boy babes to be. 

Perhaps similar bibs will be making an appearance at my Etsy store in the not-so-distant future? (I realize there are only around three things in the store for sale...I have got to pull it together!)

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  1. The designs are cool and I love the thought of not matching these bibs that much, at least the dearest babies to be won't get confused about their own things because twin's things are all alike in everything. These baby bibs are absolutely perfect for the upcoming babies in our marvelous Earth.


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