Friday, October 19, 2012

what I ate #10 - belated birthday

It was Mr. Meremade's birthday a few weeks ago (I've gotten behind on my backlog of posts). 
He got to celebrate with a close group of friends after the fact, but on his actual birthday, we had a mini soiree for 4 at home. 

There was farmer's market crudite with homemade hummus. 

I love all of these vibrant colors!

I picked up his favorite penne vodka from a restaurant in Santa Monica that he's been frequenting his whole life. 

And some roasted vegetables from the farmer's market. 

It was a perfect end of summer meal! (wait a minute, summer is not's over 90 degrees out there!??)

In addition to the Game of Thrones book series, I also gave him this series of history books on Los Angeles. I had previously given him the Brentwood edition (where we both grew up). We had so much fun seeing what our old neighborhood looked like 100 years ago that when I came across the Westwood and Santa Monica versions, I had to buy them. It's amazing how much a place can change in just a few years. 

For dessert, a simple chocolate chip zucchini loaf with salmon raspberries. (he's not a big dessert guy, so I really just made it so the kids wouldn't complain.)

Happy Happy Birthday!! (See, I can extend your birthday by weeks and weeks!!) 

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