Monday, October 29, 2012

halloween spooky and sweet

Well, the Halloween festivities are in full swing! Between school parties, our own party and friends' parties, Mr. P. has had many a costume change over the past few days.

I think my favorite of his many impromptu costumes (he's saving Harry Potter for the big day) was when he grabbed a medal, a robe and a feathered mask to wear to a party. When I asked him who he was he looked at me like I had a few screws loose and said, "Spiderman's brother!"

Oh, of course! Silly me.

We've done some spooky Halloween prep (from online photo editor PicMonkey):

Spooky right? Looks like they're all wearing makeup, but's all been photoshopped (or shall I say Picmonkeyed?)

Then there was this sweet Halloween paper doll project I first read about on the blog How About Orange, but you can find the dolls here and then the Halloween outfits here.

The boys had fun changing their outfits before they began wrestling on the bed and thus ended the short lives of our paper dolls!

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